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School news
Working on our laptops

26 November 2022

We were delighted to receive refurbished laptop off Fidelity Investments. The boys in 4th class were working hard typing up their recounts on their Damien Browne story. They were editing and refining their stories themselves for their final draft.

Senior Handball Competition

26 November 2022

Our Senior Handball Teams did fantastic this week and both topped their groups. They are through to the next stage.

science week

25 November 2022

Watch us having great fun during science week

6th Class Science Week by David, Christian & James

23 November 2022

Our Science Week began with the class making a parachute out of zip lock bags. Firstly we cut a large square out of the ziplock bag. We then cut the square into an octagon shape. We made two little holes on each side of the octagon which were parallel to each other. Then we tied a string to the holes and attached an action figure. We dropped the action figure from a tall height and the action figure parachuted. In the second experiment, we tried to squeeze an egg in the palm of our hand. We were surprised that it did not break! For our final experiment, we put eggs in vinegar and water and a chemical change took place to the egg in vinegar. Finally we had a fun science quiz to end the day off. Overall our class loved the fascinating experience of science week.