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School news
The Colour Wheel

18 January 2022

This week sixth class are learning about primary, secondary and tertiary colours. We did this through mixing the three primary colours to create colour wheel eyes.

Science experiment: Is there iron in your cereal?

17 January 2022

Last term, 6th class investigated iron in cereal with magnets. The experiment was fun and the class were surprised to see the results!

Hidden Sugar: Written by Adam

17 January 2022

Last term, our class did a science project on the amount of sugar in snacks. My group was Iustin and Jakub. We investigated chocolate chip cookies as one of our favourite snacks. In two cookies, there is 7.9g of sugar but in a bag of popcorn there is only 1.2g. I would recommend popcorn over chocolate chip cookies but still, eating too much sugar is bad for you. Admit it, we all love sugar every now and then, but eating too much sugar or not checking the sugar content could lead to health problems such as diabetes. You need good calories for energy, but only some, and I mean SOME snacks have good calories. There are empty calories in sugary treats like twirls, mars bars, crisps and more. For instance, twix bars have 502 empty calories per 100g. If you want to stay healthy, you should eat fruit and vegetables instead of your daily pack of crisps and a snickers bar with a can of coca cola to wash all those EMPTY calories down your throat Daily sugar take-in aged 11-12=30g/7 sugar cubes

Chinese New Year

17 January 2022

1st class are enjoying learning about Chinese New Year. We did some Mindfulness Colouring today too.