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Science Week

14 November 2019

We had great fun experimenting with liquids and learning about our senses.

Science Week

12 November 2019

Science week got off to a great start in 3rd & 4th class today. We decided to find out whether or not our brains are affected when we eat chocolate and sweets. We watched a video clip about the parts of the brain.We then carried out an experiment to measure how fast our brains can see something happening and then react to it.We worked in pairs. One partner held a ruler in between their partners fingers. The ruler was held at the top at the 0cm marking. The ruler was then dropped and the partner had to catch it. We recorded the marking. Our next step was to eat chocolate and sweets and to carry out the experiment again. When we compared our reaction time before the chocolate to our reaction time after the chocolate we found that over all our reaction times had changed.Our finding were that 19 boys said their reaction time was quicker after eating chocolate and 5 said theirs was slower.

Oranmore Hertitage Walk - Our Locality.

08 November 2019

Today we took advantage of the lovely crisp day and headed off to do the Oranmore Hertitage Walk. We were very fortunate to meet Fr. O'Dwyer and he gave us a history lesson on the new Church. He was full of information and we really enjoyed listening to him. We also visited the old Church (library), The Old Saddlery (The Porterhouse), The Joe Howley Statue, The Spring Well - where Oranmore got it's name and the Castle. Thanks to Mr O'Boyle for a joint effort in being tour guides 馃榿

KNEX Challenge

08 November 2019

This week in science 3rd & 4th and 4th classes worked on a KNEX Challenge. They constructed amazing cars, planes and helicopters.

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