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A trip to the Aquarium - Class Blog

11 March 2019

As part of our Explorers Programme, the boys had the opportunity to visit the Galway Aquarium. We learned a lot about marine life, fed some fish, held starfish and even dissected a squid! We even managed to visit the playground on route. The boys had a great day and a lot of fun was had!

Our Cortisol Level - Class Blog

09 March 2019

Playing Boom Boom Balloon today in silence was great fun! To play this game and get the benefits from it you need to play it in silence. The anticipation that the balloon 馃巿 is going to burst raises the children鈥檚 cortisol level, with each push of the rod their levels rise as you can see from their faces and busy language. When the ballon finally bursts you can see the release the children get and it brings their cortisol level right down again. This is similar to tensing your body and then releasing it. The sense of release can be felt all over the body. Here the release can be felt in body and mind and brings a calm to the boys (after the excitement of the balloon bursting!).

Engineering Week - Class Blog

06 March 2019

Inspired by our trip to NUIG where we learned that engineers are superheros, we decided to give superheroing, I mean engineering a go. We were given the materials of spaghetti and marshmallows and asked to build the tallest structure we could. Armed with our previous knowledge from bridge building and our brilliant mathematical minds we set to work. It was task that proved more difficult than we had expected. After plenty of designing and redesigning we had two structures that were in competition with each other. Harry was our worthy winner in the end and was awarded with a spaghetti/marshmallow prize from our runners up Michael and Darragh. For the last 20 minutes we were allowed build anything we wanted. This is when some more fantastic imaginative minds came to light. We may not have saved lives, or facilitated people to fly but we are well on our way to becoming brilliant engineers.

Trip to the Aquarium - Class Blog

06 March 2019

For the second part of our Explorers Programme we had the privilege of going to the Galway aquarium. The children had the opportunity to dissect a squid and learn about all the parts. It was a challenge for some where as others embraced the experience with both hands...literally. Then we were treated to a guided tour of the aquarium. We also managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the playground beforehand. The photos speak for themselves.