Science (movie clips of growing plants) (circuits) (space) (constipation)
www.digestional.htm (digestion) (interactive science engineering upper KS2) (Earth Science) (frog dissection site!) (Good online resources which could be printed) (materials KS2) (genetics) (Yr1-6 links to QCA units) (6 – how we see things)
www.BBCi-Science-HumanBody-OrganLayer (Y5 Keeping healthy) (yr5 earth & space) (year 6 electricity) (yr2 grouping and changing materials. (y2 grouping animals) (y5 earth & space) (y2 electricity) (y5 &6 changing states, reversible/irreversible changes) (y3 shadows/light)
www.BBC-Schools-Pod’sMission (y4 moving & growing, solids, liquids & separation) (moon phases) (chemistry animations) (subject knowledge) (grassland/woodland/ponds) (physics animations) * (biology animations) (science songs) ** *
Plants KS1 (space),4035,4038,4040