The Marching Band



Raising of the Flags

On the 30th of May, the school held a celebration to raise the Green School Flag and the Active Flag. As part of the celebration the band had an opportunity to perform. This was our last performance for the year and the last chance for the boys in Rang a Sé to perform with us. The boys were outstanding on the day and provided a very entertaining end to the celebrations. Well Done Again buachaillí!!!!!

Pearse Stadium

This year, for the first time, the marching band had the honour of performing in Pearse Stadium. They played for 3 County Club Football Matches on the 27th of May. The band were excellent on the day and everyone who came to see them were very impressed. The boys performed their usual tunes along with Galway Girl. They played Amhrán na bhFiann as well as (if not better than) some adult bands. Well Done boys on your wonderful music and your excellent behaviour. You are a credit to the school.

St. Patrick’s Day

The boys spent the last 8 weeks practising for the St. patrick’s Day parade. They have learnt accordions, drums, bell lyres, recorders and tin whistles. After weeks of practice after school, under instruction from Luke our leader, the band gained in confidence and the music improved hugely. Our main focus was St. patrick’s Day but we had an outstanding performance for the school on Friday the 16th. The boys were so proud of themselves as they should be. They were excellent both on Friday and in the parade on St. Patricks Day. Well Done boys, keep up the practising over Easter and we will look forward to whatever ventures come our way in the next few months.