Sixth Class - Ms.Heery

Film Fleadh 2013

David, Eric and Mark wrote a fantastic script for the Junior Film Fleadh Script Writing Competition and were chosen as finalists for the fleadh. They were up against two Leaving Cert students from the West of Ireland.

They had to pitch their idea to four judges to an audience of secondary students and our class. Though they were nervous being up against the older and more experienced, they did us all proud and pulled off a great pitch.

We are extremely proud of them.

Well done!

6th Class and Ms. Lillis.

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Rulers V Dictionaries


The epic war begins with the three Collins dictionaries versus the twin Oxford rulers and the Supreme ruler. The battle for survival takes place on the Table of Terror. The dictionaries were fighting against the rulers for rulership of the Table. Who will be triumphant?


The Oxford twins were cheap and made of plastic but very gritty, while their companion the Supreme ruler, was a state of the art, stainless steel-titanium ruler. He was ex-military so he had great fighting ability and wits. The dictionary’s leader was a tough, strong and fearless Irish dictionary,. His squad was made up of an English dictionary, who had a monstrous arsenal due to his wide vocabulary, and a thesaurus who was small, plucky and agile.


The rulers started the war by firing their centimeters: they had no effect. Time to bring in the big guns; the INCHES! The thesaurus tried to skip out of the way but was too slow, he was dead. “NNNÍÍÍLLL” yelled the Irish dictionary. The Collins English fought back with big words like ANNIHILATE, SLAUGHTER and ELIMINATE . The words were flying straight towards one of the Oxford rulers. There was terror in his eyes, but he leapt to the side and dodged the words. The other Oxford ruler shot all of his small millimeters, but they only made scratches on the Irish dictionary.


“Tá tú marbh!” screamed the Irish dictionary. The vicious sentence was flying at the Oxford ruler, he was not so lucky this time, he was obliterated. The Supreme ruler was enraged by this. He shot all six inches straight at the English! Three of the inches were on target but amazingly he survived the ordeal. “I shall never give in to thy rulers!” bellowed the English dictionary. The Supreme ruler shot all shot a centimeter flash bomb which exploded with a ball of numbers. This sent all of the English dictionary’s words to go off course.


At this point the Table of Terror was lit up with fire. The onlooking English exercise book said “In my humble opinion violence is never the answer.” The maths book yelled, “Multiply your inches and divide his head!” The spectators were engulfed by the action on the Table of Terror.


The Collins Irish dictionary was so furious he yelled words like “pían, bás agus maraigh!”. They were speeding towards the Supreme ruler but he created a fraction wall to protect himself. “Didn’t know I could do that did you?” taunted the ruler. The flash bomb had worn off on the English dictionary and he was back in action. The Oxford ruler was still infuriated with the Irish so he fired all one hundred and fifty millimeters at him. They ricocheted off the Irish dictionary. The millimeters shot straight back towards the Oxford ruler. He was not expecting this so he was defenceless against his own stationary. The ruler was demolished.


“Is that the best you’ve got?” jeered the English dictionary. “I will subtract your head!” roared the Supreme ruler and fired ten centimeters at the English. He was laughing so much that he didn’t see him coming and was paralysed. Then the ruler finished him off with one millimeter. “Tá fearg on domhain orm!” arsa an focloir Gaeilge. He fired the sentence… … it was the end of the road for the Supreme ruler. The dictionaries had won the ferocious battle.


Even though the dictionaries had won, the Collins Irish was upset because his friends had died in the epic war. Celebrations went on all through the night and the courageous dictionaries who fought in the ferocious battle were remembered as heros.